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The Power of the Table by Carmela D'Amore

So often memories rise up to the surface and hit you like a tidal wave, and they don't make appointments!

Recently late in the afternoon I walked past a family in my restaurant. Each one of them was in a world of their own, glued to their digital devices, not even communicating with each other. The little girl caught my eye, and unlocked a memory of when I was a little girl, 50 years earlier.....

`I was not allowed to talk at the table.'

All these questions rose up to the surface... Did they know how lucky they were? That they could talk to each other? That they had the freedom that I longed for as a child.

I wondered if that little girl wanted to talk to her family?

I imagined what could happen if they put down their devices and really communicated with each other?

Sicilian food is unique it is rich in culture community and family...

`La Tavola' is an open invitation, just like our doors always open to family, friends and guests, ready to share a plate of food and conversation.

At the table we scream yell its the way we communicate, just like our market places, the smells and aromas are there to entice your palate and to truly taste the delicious soul food.

At the table secrets are revealed, marriages are announced, children and grandchildren are adored watching their faces across this table.

Food is life!

Where else do you get to share whats going on?

I have a picture of my grandfather at the end of every tuna season the women from the village would cook up a storm, every family would bring out their dining room tables onto the street. This picture was taken in the early 1960's.

They created one long table....

The men and children were eager to sit and eat the delicious food cooked by all the women... This was their way of gathering together...

All the community benefited from this harvest..

Sharing a meal connecting with family, opening up the communication lines... Today that little girl is a woman, who wants to share her dream with you...

That families will see the power of their table....

How will you connect with those you love around your table?

Carmela D’Amore

Carmela D’Amore

Carmela D’Amore is an International Sicilian chef, the daughter and granddaughter of Sicilian migrants, with over 45 years of experience in the hospitality industry. Ambassador to Sicilian food and culture, a published International author of over 3 books, currently the executive chef of Sorrento Trattoria, an Italian Restaurant situated in Sorrento on the Mornington Peninsula.