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Carmela's chicken vegetable ragu

This recipe is simple if you do not have any allergies then you can go crazy adding delicous flavours like garlic and chopped brown onion.

Serves 2


4 skinned chicken legs

1/4 of a diced leek

4 small dutch carrots peeled and diced

2 parsnips peeled and diced

1 small eggplant diced

8 cherry tomatoes

Virgin Olive oil


In a medium frying pan place the virgin olive oil, and all the ingredients together and slowly braise for around 5 minutes turning the chicken legs around, once the ingredients are golden, pour in some filtered water to cover the ingredients and put a lid on top. Once they have boiled simmer and sprinkle himalayan salt and a little cayenne pepper add some rosemary and lemon thyme and cook for around an hour and a half, checking to see if the water has evaporated, or until the chicken legs are ready they will fall apart. Keep looking to see that they water has not evaporated and if you need to add some more.

You will find that they ingredients will blend in well together and create there own gravy.

You can steam some broccoli or boil if you prefer and serve.

My favourite is to boil them and then strain them, in a pan fry some virgin olive oil and add the broccoli and toss for a few minutes you can add garlic if you have no allergies.

The piece di resistance is sprinkle a little grated parmesan before you serve.

Buon cibo!

See you at the table.... Carmela