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Lamb Shanks by Carmela D'Amore


4 lamb shanks

1/2 a leek diced

8 whole dutch carrots peeled

4 small peeled parsnips

4 bay leaves

2 lemon thyme leaves

2 rosemary leaves

1 can of diced tomatoes


Himalayan salt

cayenne pepper

virgin olive oil


Place all of the ingredients in a baking dish sprinkle with Himalayan salt and a little cayenne pepper. In the tin of the canned tomatoes, put some water and top the dish with it, adding some more if you need depending of the size of the dish as long as all of the ingredients are covered. Put a little more virgin olive oil, if you do not have any allergies place a couple of tablespoons of gravy in and mix it with your hands.

If you want to add diced Spanish red onions and garlic in this dish it is entirely up to you.

Place some alfoil on top and place in the oven for around 1 1/2 hours, then turn around for another hour and after that take the alfoil off and allow the juices to evaporate and create a gravy. You will need to have a look its best for this dish to reach at least 3 hours of cooking time.

You can make yourself some fresh vegetables or a crunchy salad.

Buon Cibo!

See you at my table.... Carmela