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Going Home by Carmela D'Amore

When I was ten years old I met my mother's parents who had stayed in the hometown Milazzo Sicily, they lived across the beach Il Tonno, they used to call it `a tonnaredda,' where my grandfather had fishing boats and he was the local engineer of tuna fish, he was the last fisherman of many around the bay of Il Tonno, when they closed the bay around 1966.

My mother used to tell me so many stories of her parents, and her brothers' and sisters, when I finally met them in 1970, I felt that I had known them all my life and the pieces of her own story had come together with the anticipated visit to meet her family.

I can only imagine today what it must have felt like to see her parents and siblings after so many years, and leaving her hometown at the age of 21.

They say that life is a circle, well mine has hit and I feel that I am where my grandparents where, anticipating the arrival of their family.

Going to your homeland is one of excitement and anticipation, just like the arrival of a new baby.

So many questions, and learning what is the right thing to do along the way.

I love my heritage as I have met so many wonderful people all extending themselves and willing to open up their own doors, just like family does, in a way it feels like family with the new friendships you make and some you get to strengthen with time.

Your heritage teaches you about yourself.

Well many years later this little girl is doing her tour I leave next week to make sure that everything is finalised for my clients.

I feel a little meloncolic every time I am going to my homeland Sicily.

Most of all a sense that my mothers puzzle has weaved its way into my own life to create one of family and heritage.

I am passionate about introducing clients to a place they have never seen, its like showing off your newborn baby, so much excitement.

You just want everyone to love it as much as you do.

Sicily is like no other place you will never come back the same, a little of your own self will remain there and you will take back with you, the culture a new found way of life, looking through a different kind of lenses.

But most of all a zest for life and food, that will revolutionise they way you look at life.

Come and share Sicily with me, why?

Because I know what I am talking about, don't waste another minute of your day! Wake up! Smell the food the markets, the art, the culture.

You will never be the same again!

Book your seat for 2018 with me and change your life's lenses!

See you in Sicily!


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