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My appointment with alignment.... by Carmela D'Amore

The appointment with alignment…

Passion and Purpose are essential for todays living as we are moving in a faster pace, and tend to lose track of what is truly important.

Meeting these two, I have become more in tune with my own self and therefore becoming more aligned with the stream of my own destiny.

Of course it has been a journey and at times I have wanted to just throw in the towel and say to life ~ I give up!

What drives me?

This love for life, and waking up every morning into a place that is totally mine; desiring to evolve into more of my own self.

In saying that I have also become more in tune with the frequency within me, and clarity has become more noticeable with my why?

Sicily 2017 was the pivotal change for me in my own alignment.

I was and am in my happy place.

Being in alignment with that creates a new pathway for the opportunities that are yours and mine.

They are tailored especially for your purpose.

It has become a new birth in me, one that I have been guided to be tuned in and taped into my own vortex, therefore being the co-creator of my life, with destiny, which is my birthright.

When we are in tune with passion, purpose, alignment and clarity, these are the ingredients that the universe has tailored and designed especially for you.

You cannot fail, it is yours, it is your recipe of life; no one can forge it or lay their claims.

It is the universe paving your way, and yielding to you.

The evidence will manifest and whisper, `you are in the right place.’

It feels like coming out of the deep waters and taking the first breath of life a new rebirth.

Sicily was the stream that the raft of life slowly directed my waters.

Giving birth and refuelling my own passion and purpose, looking within and find your why.

This is the umbilical cord that connects you to the excellence of life.

Now getting there is half the fun.

We spend most of our lives thinking that we want certain things, or a certain way of life is what we want, and find that this is not the path I really want, they become the life experiences that will lead us to the journey of alignment.

We find along the path that we desire the need to feel excepted, but find that we never really fit in with that need.

The answer to that need is the acceptance of self is the priority there, what I think and feel of myself is the most important thing.

When I am in alignment with me then all falls into place.

It is a journey, one that we never finish, as when you are in alignment with yourself it is a constant evolution, this is the fun.

New births, new dreams, new ideas, will take you always on the stream of life, a partner with the universe, into the vortex of life.

Every time we evolve it is the thrill of that alignment that keeps us connected to the source of all life.

We are one with life, and the cord is being connected to life.

There is an air of excellence in all that we do and how we do it.

Yes we get off the path, but the joy is getting back on it.

Being aligned with me is what keeps me alive and connected, to my purpose, passion and why.

I don’t want to wake up one morning and find that I was the co creator in the shell of what was once the form of me, I want to be in the fullness of who I really am, my birthright in this universe, my space, my life, me.

I want to look back and see this legacy of life, that I was here and be proud of myself that no matter how challenged life got I woke up in the morning and gave it my best shot, and never gave up and continued to evolve into the person I wanted to meet when I closed my eyes in this world and transcended. Leaving the light that I once was here.

Its my turn to give back to the universe and use all of my experiences as my gift...

For me all of the components have been put together for the simple purpose to lead you to the heart of the table…

My passion for family and heritage….

My intention is to create stronger family units to extend the legs of our own table into the community…..

My why `I think you know by now'….

See you across my wonderful extended table…..

Carmela D’Amore

Carmela D’Amore

Carmela D’Amore

Carmela D’Amore is an International Sicilian chef, the daughter and granddaughter of Sicilian migrants, with over 45 years of experience in the hospitality industry. Ambassador to Sicilian food and culture, a published International author of over 3 books, currently the executive chef of Sorrento Trattoria, an Italian Restaurant situated in Sorrento on the Mornington Peninsula.