Well Buongiorno!

This class is one of Carmela’s favourite as she has been gluten intolerant for many years now, and she has learnt how to cook many meals that can be substituted with gluten free ingredients, it is a process as learning as you go you can make many decisions that you think you know what is best but in finding yourself along the way you learn that you can only cook with what you know and in this class Carmela teaches on what she has learnt and knows about cooking gluten free dishes, so cooking pastas, sauces, making do with the recipes that you know how to implement certain ingredients that are nutritional, and knowing what products are out there.

Remember this is not a gluten free environment as there are many dishes in the kitchen that are constantly cooked with gluten. Carmelas has been able to eat many of her Sicilian dishes with implementing small baby steps on certain products.

  • Cooking with gluten free pasta
  • How to cook it
  • What is the best brand?
  • How to substitute flour and bread in ingredients that are needed
  • Keeping the taste and the palate happy with the meals
  • What grains to use
  • Making sauces
  • Sicilian dishes
  • Cooking rice dishes

Always seek medical advice, as this class is only a guideline on meals. Carmela does not take any responsibility for clients with allergies to gluten, as this class is only to be used as a guideline, on her experience in being gluten intolerant.

See you in my kitchen.