Making salads is not just for summer and spring, but also can be for winter and autumn, we can make together dishes that are nutritional and mouth-watering full of flavours to inspire you to create more in your own home.

Together we will make warm salads mixed with greens and seasonal produce, also with grains and beans, and protein.

We can revolutionize the way we look at salads in this class. You will be inspired to open your own creativity at home.

A salad is known for its raw vegetables cold mixed with dressings.
We will create a new pathway in this class with new dressings, new ways, and tantalize our tastebuds.

In this class we will create with chicken, seafood, vegetables, proteins, grains.

Insalata means salad in Italian, it is derived from the word salata, meaning salty. In the ancient days the romans used to salt their leafy greens and vegetables.

The term salade derived from the Vulgar Roman herba salata, literally ‘salted herb’. It remained a feature of Byzantine cookery and reentered the European menu via medieval Spain and Renaissance Italy. At first “salad” referred to various kinds of greens pickled in vinegar or salt. The word salade later referred to fresh-cooked greens or raw vegetables prepared in the Roman manner.

You will be inspired to cook and create your own salads at home in a new way and no longer look at a salad with greens but a chance to create your own masterpiece.

Lets put on our apron strings and create!

See you in my kitchen Carmela.