Wonderful! We are getting to this magnificent class! You will be spellbound by the ways that Sicilian cook calamari, learn the secrets, and how to make amazing meals with this dish, that has been part of the Mediterranean diet for centuries, and has swept its way in the western world. Calamari is very nutritional and can be cooked in many ways, you can boil, fry, grill, bake, stew, steam.

In this class Carmela will show you how Sicilians make:

  • Clean calamari
  • Calamari fritti
  • Calamari ripieni (stuffed) baked
  • Pan-fried calamari
  • Calamari with pasta
  • Calamari nera pasta
  • Calamari stewed in Sicilian sauces with potatoes alla cacciatore
  • Insalata di calamari

Did you know that calamari is such a wonderful versatile dish that you can do many things with it?

It is known all over the world as squid, but it has taken the Italian name, as it seems to be more palatable when referred to as calamari. The Italian word for squid is calamaro, its plural word is calamari.

Calamari is the traditional name for squid. It is a cephalopod, (is a sea creature without a back bone, only related to squid or cuttlefish, and flying calamari, it is the Greek name) as it does not contain a backbone or a circulatory system.

Calamari is a saltwater creature that is traditionally found in Mediterranean and Asian cuisines. Its popularity has made it widespread seafood that is eaten regularly around the world. Because it is low in fat and relatively high in protein as well as being inexpensive seafood, it is a popular dish.

See you in my kitchen.