This is a mouth-watering class full of flavour and essence. It is for all the lovers of roasts and herbs.
Sage, thyme, rosemary, fennel, and much more, you will create the perfect roasts and find ways of cooking even prepared roasts for those unexpected guests, did you know that you can have a part prepared roast in your freezer? Wow!
Lets create and inspire each other. In this class, we will you will create:

  • The authentic porchetta roast
  • Lamb roast filled with homemade breadcrumbs and herbs
  • Cook seasonal vegetables with herbs
  • We will make herb flat bread to go with the roasts.
  • And much more.

Winter is a time to enjoy hearty meals made with plenty volume to keep you satisfied and refuel your body and get it ready for spring. A variety of foods can help the body stay warm during these winter months. Grains, spices and oils give the body energy to keep warm. There are statistics that tell us that people are feeling better during and after carbohydrate consumption.

When the weather is cold, eating or drinking something hot increases the sensation of being warm. Soups and roasts tend to be particularly satisfying. An added benefit of a home-cooked, hot meal is the kitchen — and often the entire house — becomes warmer. This makes the home feel more welcoming when the air outside is frigid. If you do not have time to spend preparing a meal, you will learn to create from the recipes how to make roasts, soups and stews use a slow cooker, reducing hands-on work to about 10 minutes. We usually have a hint of chili, which is very good to stimulate the blood cells in the winter.

At last, what would any roast be without garlic-scented stuffing or garlic-laced potatoes? Garlic is an incredible herb for the immune system—antibacterial and antiviral. It’s also a vasodilator, meaning that it improves circulation and keeps blood cells from clumping together. Garlic also lowers glucose metabolism in diabetics, aids heart health, kills parasites, heals wounds.

Drinking ginger tea in the winter is good for the digestion as well, in moderation; otherwise any spiced tea if you don’t like ginger.

Come on lets put our apron strings and enjoy the winter!

See you in my kitchen Carmela.