In this class Carmela teaches you on how to make pizza dough, but the most important part of this class is what ingredients to use.

  • Making a healthy pizza
  • Creating your own master piece
  • Using seasonal produce

A little history on how Sfincione is made: Sfincione alla palermitano: its original Sicilian ancestor, from the province surrounding the capital city of Palermo, is called sfincione (or sfinciuni in dialect) and it’s enjoyed year-round, but particularly at New years and for the feast of San Giovanni in June. The crust is light, fluffy and slightly spongy, rather than dense and chewy, with a crisp bottom layer, and it’s traditionally topped with onions, tomatoes, anchovies, oregano, and cacciocavallo a hard Sicilian sheep’s-milk cheese, rather than mozzarella. The final touch is a crisp top layer of breadcrumbs. In the area around Palermo it’s often sold in bakeries, rather than pizzerias (which mostly turn out the typical round, Naples-style pizzas), or from street side stands or food trucks.

Though making the dough involves rising time, there is no rolling or tossing required, so it’s somewhat easier to make than a classic round pizza. A great starter recipe for those who might be intimidated by the idea of homemade pizza!