This class will see you cooking with Ricotta. There are so many amazing ways that we can cook with this ingredient and make so many delicious recipes, that are old and yet still very much for today’s living. I have updated a few of these recipes and added the love of fresh seasonal produce and delicious herbs and nutritional ingredients.

In this class we will make:

  • Ricotta cannelloni with cavallo nero/Tuscan cabbage and seasonal vegetables.
  • Fagoti di ricotta with seasonal vegetables (puff pastry)
  • Pasta con ricotta
  • Frittata con ricotta and seasonal vegetables
  • Bruschetta con ricotta and seasonal produce
  • Filo pastry con Ricotta, Pistachio, and seasonal vegetables
  • Finished with sfingi con ricotta.

A little history on ricotta: The production of ricotta in the Italian peninsula is old, dating back to the Bronze Age. Ricotta is used for baking, smoking, salted, boiled. It is very common in the Sicilian/Italian diet; we use it in sweets, and cooking. It is one of the most versatile dishes for cooking, it can be used in many ingredients and added to create a thicker texture, it is so versatile that it can take the ingredients in the recipe and make its own flavor’s.

See you in my kitchen.