In this class we will work with the seasons, depending on what season it is we will either make warm salads, or cold salads. We will use the vegetables that are in season, implementing either protein, or fish and work with cous, cous, quinoa, rice and much more.

You will learn how to cook and make salads, with a new creative mind set, and yet using old ancient techniques, with new ingredients implementing into the frame of a salad, with a new zest to looking at salads.

You will:

  • Create salads, using seasonal produce.
  • Create salads, using grains.
  • Look at salads in a new way.
  • Be able to make salads limitless, and jam-packed with much more for you to take home and utilize the ingredients that you have at home. I will even show you how to make bread to go with these salads.
See you in my kitchen.