How to make simple but yet effective and nutritional sauces to go with your pasta like a Sicilian.

  • Matriciana Pasta Sauce
  • Carbonara Pasta Sauce
  • Tonno Pasta Sauce
  • Alla Norma Pasta Sauce
  • Pesto Sauce
  • Salsa con Funghi (Mushrooms)
  • Palermitana Pasta con pistachio and pinenuts ( topped with toasted

In this class Carmela teaches on the versatility of making different kinds of sauces and what pasta goes with the sauces, how to know the difference in the pasta, to soak up the sauce and compliment the meal.

Carmela teaches on seasonal produce and how to work with the seasons, and how important they are, to define the taste and aromas. How generations of her family cooked with sauces and what was important to know how. Carmela shares her family secrets, and gives you tips and tricks on cooking like a Sicilian.

In most Sicilian recipes the cheese was scarce and they learnt how to cook without it and yet make flavours that are bursting with the simple seasonal ingredients.