Well Buongiorno!

All the secrets are starting to spill out in this class! You are going to love it! Being a lover of Pork!

This class is a hands on class where your hands are the utensils so lady’s and gent’s keep your hands on your own sausages and salami’s!
Love this class, love to teach and show you how to make and seal your sausages and salami for winter.

In this class you will learn how to make:

  • What is the best pork for sausages and salami?
  • Sicilian sausages with fennel
  • Sausages alla Palermitana
  • Salami for winter

Did you know that Italian sausages are flavoured with fennel, garlic and red wine?

Pork is a great source of vitamin B12, B6, vitamin A, vitamin C and selenium.

Making your own Italian sausages is a great way to create a quality product where you know exactly what went into your sausages unlike the ones you buy at the grocery store. It also allows you to personalize your sausages so you can season them to meet your own personal preferences, which ensures you get the best tasting sausage. In most Sicilian families, the older men generally stay out of the kitchen as a rule (regola), giving way to their wives expertise. In most Sicilian families, when it comes to sausage or wine making, everyone gets involved!