A private Sicilian Master Class with Award Winning International Sicilian Chef Carmela D'Amore

Cooking is much more than simply following a recipe. The `Art of Cooking' is an experience that binds a family together. From sharing the recipe with your sister to teaching a trusted technique to your son, the experience of cooking is what unites the family as one at the end of the day with a meal that has been lovingly prepared. It is this heart-centred experience of cooking that I raised my family on and now pass on to others through my classes.

Whether you're 18 or 80, an experienced chef or a novice, you will learn something in my kitchen - most likely it will be about yourself, not just the food! Though you will have the privilege of cooking in a commercial kitchen, you will understand how to create authentic Italian dishes that you can reproduce in your own kitchen for your loved ones.

This is a truly hands on cooking experience where you will feel the Sicilian culture flowing through me. This is a Sicilian Master Class with loads of value, and information, this Masterclass is personal, private and intimate with only two people at a time, this is my way of continuing the recipes, traditions into your life, and investing my professional knowledge with you. With lots of love, laughter, great food, and of course good wine, this is no ordinary cooking class - it is a cultural experience not to be missed.

Classes are conducted in my fully equipped commercial kitchen in my restaurant - Sorrento Trattoria via appointment only, on the first Wednesday of every month by bookings only. It truly is a Sicilian Master class, full of the experience that you take home with you. All dishes cooked in class are later enjoyed together at `la tavola' with Carmela and of course with a glass of wine or two!!

Contact Carmela to book your personal class and have the experience of a life time!

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