Food is life, family & heritage are the ingredients that represent us.

My entire life has been spent in the kitchen surrounded by the women and men in my life: my nonna, nonno, mother, father, aunties, uncles, loved ones, as I grew into a woman I then mirrored it into my children and my own family, the kitchen is the place where I am deep rooted.

All my life experiences have brought me to a place in time where I am able to teach and mentor. My passion to pass on the zest for life through Sicilian cooking is the driver for my private Sicilian Master classes. My decades of work as an International Sicilian chef have taught me that food is my teacher, you can heal, food can link you to a forgotten heritage, food can stir up in you and reveal the essence of your cultural soul.

It is my intention to inspire you to connect with food to share it across your table, you will find that food is your teacher. In food you find - appreciation, gratitude, and an amazing love for life. Food is more than simply nourishment or fuel for our bodies.

Food is used simply as a tool to learn how to communicate with your family, share a meal, when you look back, it is the special times in life, when you sat at your table and took the time to eat a meal, with loved ones that those memories that you created are also for the loved ones that sat around your table with you and shared those precious moments, the future generations will have those memories stored in the chronicles of their own minds. Unlocked at certain times of their lives, to create strength, and inspiration of unity of family for the future generations to come.

You are the hero to your story your journey. Food is the teacher, the way we eat, what we eat and how we eat. Sharing a meal is the best medicine in life it is called human connection we are built for this, it is the missing link.

Finally learning how to process sourcing beautiful ingredients, deciding what to cook to suit the season and the mood, then cooking in your own kitchen, & sitting down with your family, sharing a meal together is the greatest gift that you can give to your family in a world where the table is slowly fading, my heritage has taught me this, as I come from an era, where the table was and still is the centre part of the family, where we couldn't wait to eat our meal and share our day with our loved ones. Communicating my love and history is a sense of self through food and connecting with my loved ones across the table is the greatest gift that I and you can pass on to our family.

The Purpose

My vision and purpose is to unlock the heart of your table, with the intention for you to create memories with food, cooking, eating, sharing and strong foundations with your own family, creating a stronger family unit, Sicilian food is the foundation built from family values and tradition, where we had nothing else and were rich with the unity of family. Sicilian food is healthy, seasonal and tailored especially from families, with centuries of life, and knowledge, wisdom that comes from each recipe sharing the cultural stories of struggles, triumphs, famine, love, war and family and history of the noble families in Sicily, it is the benchmark established from the evidence of diverse cultures that left their influence in Sicily, today centuries later it is standing strong and represents the family unit in the community the very core to heart of the table.

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