101 Ways To Transform The Way You Cook

This guide is written for people who don’t know where to start to look within themselves to cook, who need guidance and direction to create their own platform in their kitchen.

To be a cook, one must feel, love and be infectious with the human connection that food transmits to people. When we bring laughter into the equation, we are transformed.

To become a great cook we need simple steps that will guide us, everyone around us will taste it through our food. Finding our own place in a kitchen in today’s busy lifestyle can be overwhelming.

This guide will give you the tools for you to be transformed into your own style of cooking in your kitchen. It is simple, easy and will guide you; overall you are the person who will be transformed in this process.

Everything you need is already in you; we sometimes just need a little nudge to awaken us, along with the steering of my mother Sarina to guide us into this generation of takeout.

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