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Carmela's Pasta Alla Norma

Serves 2


1 diced eggplant

4 cups of cooked napoli

Crushed Garlic around 2 cloves

Fresh torn Basil

Baked Ricotta Cheese

Virgin olive oil

1 packet of Barilla Casarecce/ or 1 packet of Barilla Penne


When you have diced the eggplants salt them and let them sit on a board on the bench until they have sweated. In the meantime you can prepare the rest of the ingredients. Once the eggplants have sweated pat them dry with a paper towel. You can either deep fry them, grill them or shallow fry the eggplants depending you what is better for you.

Put a pot of water on and add your pasta in once it has boiled: for pasta alla norma's recipe either penne, casarecce are the favourites.

Once the eggplants are golden brown, you can place them on a plate with some paper towels to drain the oil in a frying pan add the eggplants and then add the sauce stir, adding the crushed garlic and fresh torn basil. By this time the pasta is ready place it in the pan and stir, once all of the ingredients are velvety, if you need more oil just add a little of the oil you cooked the eggplants in.

Place the pasta in a dish and grate or shave some baked ricotta on top. And there you go you are ready to eat! Mangia Buon Cibo!

See you at my table..... Carmela