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Pasta frolla pastry (sweet shortbread pastry) by Carmela D'Amore


3 cups of plain flour

3 tablespoons of sugar

½ teaspoon of salt

3/4 cup diced warm butter room temperature

2 - 3 eggs

(if you prefer you can add a teaspoon of vanilla

and some freshly squeezed lemon zest or orange zest, it makes it even tastier.)

By hand no mixers needed.


In a bowl add the flour, salt and butter and slowly mix it with your hands until it has blended together.

Add the eggs in a bowl together with the sugar, vanilla and zest, and whisk together.

Add the mixture with the flour slowly and as you knead it, it will take together and form a soft ball, always working the dough, if you need to add more to this mixture you can add more butter as long as it is soft, or another egg depending on the mixture.

Remember that the mixture is a golden colour.

Keep kneading it until it becomes a velvety feel in your hands.

Wrap it in some glad wrap and leave it on the bench for at least a few hours.

I have been told by my students that it is supposed to be in the fridge.. well I proved them wrong, it does not need, it needs to rest.

Before you are to work it knead it again and it should feel quite smooth and rich from the butter and eggs.

Then you can add whatever you like as a filling.

You can make them as muffins and make the dough not too thin, when you roll it, and use a cup to shape the filling.

My favourite filling is ricotta.. and here is the recipe for this one as well....

Ricotta filling

2 cups of fresh ricotta

1 to 2 eggs

2 tablespoons of flour

orange zest

¼ cup of sultanas

¼ block of dark chocolate

2 tablespoons of sugar

a pinch of salt

Mix all the ingredients into a food processor the ingredients should be smooth if they are not add a little water to the mixture.

When you make the cakes place some pistaccio nuts on top and some chocolate, and smooth them over with a spoon with warm water.Please note: do not add sugar and salt together as it creates an acidity and it will burn the flour.

Buon cibo