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International Women's Day 2019 by Carmela D'Amore

Does a daffodil look at a tulip and think its more beautiful or does she look at it and sees her beauty?

Every year I love this particular time as women from all over the globe, celebrate, join together and share what it means to be a woman of today.

We celebrate the past, present and future, the future of women whom we love, who are dear to our hearts, mentors, daughters, nieces, cousins, aunties, grandmothers, friends and mothers.

This year particularly it was for the community. To tell her we are here for you we need you don't loose hope we have heard your cry.

The women whom we don't know, women who are victims of violence, choices not of their own or of their children, but through circumstances, we might be one of them ourselves or know of someone who is in one. Not for us to judge but to extend a hand, to be at a place of `how may I serve you?' This will only stretch our own character and make us grateful for where we truly are in our own lives, shining our mirror out to another person can only magnify what is in us.

Our wonderful community, we have an amazing collection of angels who are at a particular place in their life touching the women and children of our community.

I had the honour and pleasure to feast the event this year of a delicious Italian degustation at my restaurant Sorrento Trattoria, where women from all over the community gathered to celebrate each other and in doing this we ended up collecting a generous amount to give as a donation to Uniforms4U an organisation run by Colleen Mackay. Under the banner of the Federation of Italian Chefs of Australia, as Lady Chef.

Colleen, has been given the honorary title for this years Australia Day local award from the Mornington Peninsula Shire - Community Spirit Award for 2019. It is indeed an honour to know Colleen personally and know the work she endlessly does in our local community.

Giving a pair of shoes to a child who needs them, pencils, uniforms for our little ones, helping women with their children, it is an honour this is a calling of sainthood for a woman's heart it is the calling of knowing her purpose and giving to others, this is truly a woman who loves our community. Meeting women at their crossroad in life, shining the light into the little ones. We are truly blessed to have Colleen in our community, in saying this it would not be possible without the donations coming in to assist her in her calling.

Rose Farfalla from Happiness First is another wonderful woman who continues the work in our community, counselling people who are in need. Giving her time and effort to help assist the mental change we all desire in life, the helping hand where we can change our way of thinking, when we reach our crossroad in life, and need the teacher to show us the way, just that gentle push where we know what we need to do. The person who just shows us the way and gives us the tools to change the way we think. Having Rose in our community is another blessing, creating a clearer pasture for those in need of a kind word, a word to show the way, a word to break a habit, a word to make the sun shine in our lives.

Antonella Celi, what can I tell you about this magnificent woman who is a pillar in our community, she shines like a beacon for the people who talk to her, she is always expressing her voice as she understands our community, we are truly blessed to have her in our community, everywhere I turn she is always extending her voice to give us a clearer picture, from her viewpoint. We are blessed to have Antonella Celi as our seawinds councillor.

Antonella works closely with local residents, community groups, business and organisations on projects of key importance to the Seawinds Ward and the broader Shire community. As Councillor, she will work towards matching local government resources, programs and services with the needs of the community; advocate for community issues and concerns; foster community goodwill and relationship building; and inform and educate the community on options that are available to them through the Shire.

Lisa Walton from Mornington Peninsula Magazine was our sponsor for this event, she is always there with her camera and taking on the events to share them with her readers, she is a active pillar in our community.

Dinka Jackovic is my events coordinator behind the scenes, making it look great, she spent hours with the tables, the colours the flowers and the decor. What an amazing women full of colour. Giving to our community.

To my beautiful friend Marilyn Cunnington, who is the President of Red Cross fundraiser, without her vision and tireless work in our community we would never see the little things come to fruition, we also raised just by passing the cup on red cross day over 2,000.00 for Uniform4U. Thank you Marilyn for your friendship and being a mentor. Without Marilyn I would never have meet Colleen Mackay, an introduction to our community.

We raised nearly 1600.00 for Uniforms4U and for Happiness first on IWD2019.

To my Team @Sorrento Trattoria they say you are only as good as your team, well to tell you that my team is awesome is a statement, I have an amazing team who are dedicated and are as passionate about our Trattoria as my patrons in our community.

And of course my team @Adworks creative who do my designs, thank you Sian and Tina, she create magic with my words.

Thank you to all the sponsors, @blairgowriechemist @terrywhiterosebud @sciclunas @volcano @morningtonpeninsulamagazine @genobilsaba @northernskinclinic.

International Womens day is a day to see the WOMAN, at the crossroad of each ones life and revealing her greatness so you can see her. Sharing our stories relating to what matters and shining our treasures. Inspiring one another in each others life, being in perfect harmony with each other as we see each other bloom.

To answer the question from the top of the page, about the daffodil and the tulip, the internal harmony of being, trusting, and listening is in the mechanism of the flower and she just concentrates on blossoming.

When actions are pure and selfless everything settles into its own perfect place.

See you at my table.