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The tapestry of Family by Carmela D'Amore

The tapestry of Family

I want to share with you the story of `family’.

Today I desire for you to look at family as your tapestry, to assist you on your life’s journey.

Each one has been handpicked to be in your life.

Either to teach you more about yourself.

Or to test you to see if you are able to expand your quilt.

Either the two they are in your journey to guide you to evolve and weave their thread into your tapestry.

Today I want tell you the story of my `Godfather.’

He was my father’s friend, they came from the small town of `Falcone,’ in Sicily together I don’t know much about the story, but I know that they both migrated more or less at the same time.

As I was born in 1960 and baptised at about 8 months, and he was there with my godmother.

He was a fisherman who also came with his trade to Australia, he fished professionally had his own boats and fished all over the Mornington Peninsula, Hastings, Crib Point with my father Salvatore and cousin Nunziato.

This was all they knew and they continued to fish throughout their lives until they retired.

What I wanted to tell you the most was that he always had a smile when he saw me; throughout my life his role was like a father, and he also looked like my father.

As a little girl I remember when he used to visit us, running to say `hello’ to him, as his infectious smile was a gift to open my hearts door to be loved by him.

In Italian we call our Godfather’s Padrino in Sicilian we call them Patrozo his name was Giuseppe, I called him Patrozo, as I got older I could say Patrozo Peppino.

He always made me feel very special. A kind word can heal the broken hearted; a laugh gives medicine to the soul. The gift to listen is the exchanging a special moment of our life.

When he fished and was in the area he would pass by my home and give me some fresh fish with that beaming smile of his.

He has long passed away like my father.

Special men, men of calibre, Sicilian men, a man of strength, integrity, as he learnt this along his journey of `life.’

My father would tell me many stories of their life together, being children of World War 2.

Every family member is there to weave into our tapestry. Sometimes we need to lean on them, other times we wish we could run away from them!

They are there for us.

In the tapestry to our family quilt to life, each thread plays its part to glitter, even though some colours (people) might radiate more than others, each one has its purpose to weave into our tapestry of life.

Look at them with new light today, realise that they are there to serve a purpose for you to learn more about yourself, spend more time with them, open your heart to learn, each one has a gift to give you, the gift of human connection, when you open your hearts door, it will manifest itself into the treasure they came to share with you.

My Godfather came to share the treasure of his smile, his time, spending life’s moments with me, kind words, encouragement, gentleness, integrity, sacrifices, all for the sake of family, leaving Sicily to teach me about `family.’

The spirit of family has travelled with us, through this universe touching the hearts of many weaving also into other family members quilts.

Some family members are only there for a while, some might be with us our whole life’s journey, remember that each one shares a part with us.

Food is our connection, in it is laughter, the exchanging moments that became the threads that have weaved their way in grasping the purpose of the role of what `family’ means today.

Today I want to honour him and thank him for being part of my tapestry `Grazie per il tuo sorriso.’ (Thank you for your smile.)