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Book Launch - `She Knows' by Carmela D'Amore

My beautiful friend Beth Jennings from Beth Jennings Photography, wrote a book about 20 women unleashing their feminine power in business with purpose.

Beth is a photographer who sees more than the human eye, Beth creates photographs in a real world where she captures the human spirit. Her role as a curious illuminator, brings the attention to the richness in women leaders that otherwise may not be seen in photographs. She seeks to inspire women in business, whether they are in their journey, to achieve their higher purpose.

Here is a little about the book `She Know' from Beth Jennings website: New Book.

Beth and I have been friends for many years, she came with me to Sicily to take photos of my culinary tour for me second book - The heart of the table.

And to create my portfolio in the business world.

Beth's book launch was a great success she covered many topics, the main one was for women to continue unravelling what their purpose is and to become stronger in their own grounds, either by sharing their stories, or listening to a stranger's story.

Here is a little about what Beth Jennings book She Knows is about:

My intention is for you, woman in business, to feel inspired to ask yourself, how do you show up in the world? Are you fully expressed? Do you feel really seen and understood or is there room for more?

My faith is that you will take what you need and apply it. You’re a woman of action, you don’t need another how-to book.

My greatest wish is for you to let go of the jungle and step into who you really are and your true power with confidence.

Forget world’s best practice, how about world’s best YOU?

It’s time to recognise your power, and it’s time to own it.

You’ve totally got this.

This is for the quiet women in business.

Quiet: where silence and calm live.

This is a celebration of the gentle humming vibration within women, with its world of richness, growth and expansion. This is for the women in business who don’t see what I see. But deep down, she knows it’s there.

Funny how syncretic how we both in that week had our book launches, Beth did hers on the Tuesday and mine was on the Sunday.

Beth took so many photos from my book launch that where amazing!

She even wrote a blog on it here it is:

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I spoke a little about what I wanted to share with the people in the room. This is what I spoke about:

I found myself at a pivotal point where an exchange of a generation was taking place, I didn’t realise it at that moment.

I was sitting at my mother’s bedside watching her take her last breath.

Asking God the very question to the meaning of her life, and life?

In that very moment, was an exchange.

The transition was mine.

What did I want my life to mean…. for myself?

I asked these questions, like…. where was I heading?

This was the beginning of my self-inventory.

To finding my greatness.

I always knew I had greatness.

I Just didn’t know where to start.

This was my mother’s gift…. to me.

This inventory caused me to look within…. to find my… treasure,

Where my dreams,

lay waiting for me to explore and excavate them.

Requiring me to fight the good fight within myself.

Finding my souls purpose.

The good fight is the one I fight because my heart asks this of me.

The good fight is the one that’s fought in the name of my dreams.

The transaction is a gift to the unfolding of my dreams in the exchange to living a life filled with purpose.

Where does my greatness lie?

This is where the passing of generations takes place..

Where the treasure of my family heirloom lies, where the aromas of generations and flavour is savoured; accompanied with each recipe their lies on the plate the voice of richness from my Sicilian heritage.

All from the heart of my mother’s table.

Sharing straight from the heart!

Thank you Beth Jennings for being a photographer who supports me in who I am in business.

If you want to know more about Beth Jennings or organise a photo shoot here are her details: