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Sicilian High Tea afternoon by Carmela D'Amore

Being asked to be guest speaker at a Sicilian High Tea this is not your ordinary cup of tea?


You have to be Sicilian and be passionate about your culture to share with others to inspire them to continue sowing the seeds of culture into their own lives and into the lives of the people they touch.

I would like to share with you my speech, with the beautiful women of Sicily in Melbourne.


How deep is a culture imbedded into our soul?

I was reminded about it through a song this week.

I can still feel the songs we sang on Tuesday Calabrisella mia facchemu amore….

Food and music are made to create memories.

What does a song do to you?

Who hasn’t heard this song even though it written about a Calabrisella..

It touches our hearts with love, passion and being in the now.

Do you think that the person who wrote this song didn’t have worries of their own, they seemed to have tapped into a place where time stands still and the music soothes your cultural soul I am sure that anyone who heard it felt it also.

It lingers into our soul and makes us forget about the worries in our world.

We all have enough of them.

Easy and …quick and it brings you to a place in time where you once where a child and the traditions of your families culture is still fresh in your memory.

It takes us home…

A recipe…

When you eat a plate that once was from your families origins it gives you goose bumps.


It’s our cultural Italian soul…

Keeping that connection with the roots is important, as this is the fuel to our soul.

Touching the base of with our roots will only strengthen our everyday life and enrich it.

I am thinking of the shepherd standing on the hills singing this song for his love..

I felt the calling of his voice.

Calling me into the past and how it can shape my future with passion around it…

This is the sweet spot to life, our Sicilian culture, this is where everything we need is..

A simple plate takes me back home where it is the door of my cultural soul.

I really believe this is what we need to have a rich life today tapping into our cultural soul across our table with loved ones.

It brings joy into the now, it brings a hope into the lives of everyone we touch with this presence of ..now.

His voice was calling her to come to him, through gesture, love, and touch.

His song reminds me of the love for our country that overlaps into our own pasture that we can tap into today.

We being the children of migrants have faced many challenges that I am sure the shepherd could have only dreamt of today.

We have been able to sustain a culture, raise children, and grandchildren.. in a country that is has embraced our culture.

We are a reflection of the past with hope for the future of our children, to stay connected to the shepherd boy.

Lets connect to the heart of our Sicilian soul, and be like the shepherd, sing the song of our country into a new land, and be the reflection.

Remember ….We can never take the Sicilian out of our soul.