The Heart of the Table

Carmela is excited to share her new released book with you… Here is a little about the book…..

In The Heart of the Table, Carmela Amato D’Amore – restaurateur, author, speaker and storyteller – shares her passion for family, food and her beloved homeland Sicily. Through her family history and their migration from Sicily to Australia, Carmela has learned a great deal about what truly matters in life and how best to honour tradition while evolving with the current times.

For Carmela, true happiness and connection comes from spending time at the table with her family and friends. The table is the heart of her home and it is not only a place to share a meal with each other, but also a place to come together after a long day, to heal and to re-connect with the people who matter most.

In this book, Carmela invites you to re-consider what is truly important in your life, stripping it back to the basics, and challenges you to invest time in yourself and your family.

Download chapter one here